When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Life is too busy for fun, breath taking moments and a little whimsy.


Would you like to know a secret? I once thought the same thing....seriously!

Doesn't it sometimes feel like we live in a world where everything is repetitious, drab, and a little too eventful (but not necessarily in the right way)?  "I thought so, too."

The day I was told I was going blind, I chose to liven things up a bit and enjoy everything around me.

It was on that day I finally started to see; to see both the big and little things all around me in everyday life and be amazed by the beauty the world has to offer. It has been the most wonderful and joyful experience to capture and be amazed by the simple and fantastic sights around me, to start seeing and appreciating; “amazing lighting”, “crazy dramatic skies”, "northern lights" the “intense glowing red hue of a cardinal that only happens right at twilight”, "mist covered mountains"; and the new “tiny worlds” of Macro Photography. 

When I started my journey to really “see” what was around me... really, truly see... is when I fell in love with photographing the incredible things most people take for granted and I got really excited about being able to let others see what I was seeing. Being able to capture a snippet of space & time and watch others try to imagine what it would be like to hear, smell and feel everything in the photo is priceless! Who wouldn't give just about anything to watch a friend or loved one get lost in an image, if only for a moment. "Wow what a great feeling! "

After I had been taking photos for awhile I realized I could merge those great images, using photo artistry, and create art only limited by the imagination! "Now that's fun! Especially when I get to watch you pick your favorite piece knowing it will help you find a little bit of happiness."

I have since become a recognized, award winning photographer and published artist. I love to create art in a way that, when you look at it - you smile, you feel yourself immersed into the image and you feel proud to own it when it's hanging in your home!

Come share in my journey of seeing and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us, because it REALLY is an amazing place out there!

“Oh… By the way, I’m Codie. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I have made something very special just for you.” Just click a gallery button to start your adventure and join me on a new "Be Amazed Journey".